EARLYBIRD - Teach Me to Twerk Kamp

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Kamp is called:

Teach me to Twerk™

It’s a 4 week "Exclusive" Twerk” Dance Kamp created and taught by the one and only "Kookie"!

Kamp takes a beginner from 0 to 100 and a intermediate dancer from 100 to 200! 


What will I gain from Kamp?

You gain yourself back and that's first! You also learn to dance, increase flexibility, meet friends, mental peace, Twerk technique, confidence and we learn as a group to unlock our true feminine power through the art of twerk! 

It's only a medium-sized Intimate group allowed per Kamp!


What will you learn?

To Be comfortable twerking in public

To Do signature twerk moves

How to apply twerking in the bedroom

How to do different twerk techniques from around the world.

How to utilize your hips regardless of butt size.

How to twerk better than anyone you know

How to be more flexible..

How to be more confident when you twerk.

Kamp includes:

A four week session, where you learn how to twerk, do a full twerk dance routine, confidence, flexibility, and more!

Complimentary wine & refreshments each session!

ONE lucky girl will be chosen ($1 Raffle style) to get a surprise gift!

A secured spot for 4 classes and you only register once. Its peace of mind and a set schedule!

All levels and sizes welcome ages 21+ (Beginners level available)


A master instructor besides Kookie surprises you and comes in to do a 30 minute segment of a different form of dance.

A free class pass for you to attend 3 public classes at Kookie’s Dance Den

End session Award ceremony!

Special discount codes for Kamp members to shop @: Thekookiekollection.com

End session GROUP professional video-shoot!

(Being in the video isn’t required, You can do Kamp and skip the video, no pressure!)


Why purchase?

This session has sold out before and it will sell out again. Testimonials are 100% positive! It’s a program built by a woman, for women.

Kamp is an INVESTMENT!

Don't wait on your "friends" come for YOU!


Where is Kamp held?

Address: 4708 W 103rd St, Oak Lawn, IL 60453 "Kookie's Dance Den”

  • P.S: don’t let the 103rd street confuse you, our OLD location was also on 103rd street.

    The new address is near the street 'Cicero!



December 5th, 2023 - December 26th, 2023 (Tuesdays), 7:15pm - 9:15pm

Doors open 10 minutes before Kamp. Kamp starts on time, so please be on time!


More info:

Absolutely, no refunds or transfer credits. All sales are 100% final.

Once you purchase, you will get a confirmation email within 24 hours, if you don't get one, please email us to confirm, if you thought you paid and don’t get confirmation, it is your responsibility to contact us! We will never cancel Kamp without proper communication, please do not assume Kamp is ever canceled, without us notifying you via email.

We rarely, if ever, cancel Kamp for any reason. However, in the event there is a cancellation, please check your emails regularly for all correspondence.


Wear your booty shorts and grab your sneakers & (knee pads recommended) ! We sell both things at the studio!

Watch “TWERK” videos on our site or Instagram for inspiration. Come fierce!

“Beginners” TM2T KAMP (DECEMBER 2023)

Early Bird Ticket: $299.99 - (4 spots!)

General Admission Ticket: $349.99 - 10 spots!)

Last Minute Ticket: $399.99 - (FINAL 3 SPOTS!)

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