Sweat "Frosting Cream"

$14.99 $19.99

This "FROSTING" gel will triple results and help you SWEAT!

FYI: Frosting has a heating tingling sensation. do no be alarmed that means it's WORKING!

Directions: Use two fingers and get a small dip amount and rub across your stomach area and target areas, you do not need a lot of cream just a small amount. 

Its thermogenic properties target stubborn fat and burns fat faster combined with the sweatbelt. It really will have you feeling the "tingling and "heating" sensation! Fir external use only! (If at anytime, there is an irritation or uncomfortability to your skin as a direct use of this product, please discontinue use immediately!)

You're going to love this FROSTINGGGGGGGGG!

It's the perfect formula for the "Sugar Kookie Sweatbelt".

Ingredients: HCA II, chili extracts, aloe, ginger, caffeine, chlorella extracts, DI water, botanical elastic protein

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