Who is Kookie?

"Kookie" Daniels is a long time performer and dancer. This entire site reflects the 3 things she believes in most: Health, wealth and POSITIVE SELF-ESTEEM (which is the thing she says changed her life) Kookie often speaks about how hard she worked to obtain her current body figure. When she first begin teaching her signature "Twerkshopchicago™" class, the pressure of not having a huge booty was daunting & she was often told she wouldn't be successful teaching it because of it. She says: "The figure that these trainers give is absolutely AMAZING & I want other women to feel the same way I do from the shape it helped me achieve. With a proper diet, an exercise regimen, & a sugar kookie shaper, A NEW WOMAN can be born! Kookie has been dancing since the age of 10. Kookie was not always the front runner, first draft pick or audition favorite. Kookie often speaks about being larger in size during her younger years and not seeing herself as “talented”. Kookie studied Katherine Dunham technique, music and acting for nine years until high school. Her first studio was "ETA creative arts performing center" in Chicago. Once in high school, Kookie danced on many local city Chicago dance groups, The Chicago steam basketball dance team & other dance programs. Kookie then went on to be accepted as a junior in high school, into a high school program to study ballet with the top Ballet company in the world "The Joffrey Ballet". Kookie has traveled around the world to train in the art of dance & she used all her training to develop her own style & Techniques. Kookie is ONE memorable ball of energy and crazy wild spirit! You just have to meet her, such a beautiful woman who wants to see people WIN! Want to take a class? Connect via instagram: @classeswithkookie & click the button below to visit her business website that leads to her studio site as well! ...........I'm doing this all for my parents, If I help the world and receive, I'm going to give them the world back with what I received! -Kookie

Aspiring Entreprenuer coaching!

C.E.O Kookie Daniels has one goal & that is to spread light & laughter everywhere she goes! Most popularly known as a Choreographer, Studio & Store owner, Author and Business Coach. Kookie is truly the definition of a powerhouse. Kookie is recognized for being #1 in teaching women the art of seduction and to be "Unapologetically Authentic" through movement. But, Kookie is so talented, her efforts only "start" on the dance floor. Kookie offers "Kookie Kalls" & other virtual business offerings to assist start-up entrepreneurs! She is truly the MASTER of evolving women when it comes to their Bedroom, Booty, & Business! Following her teaching dance professionally for over 5 years, in 2018, she opened the FIRST "Twerk Fitness" based dance studio in Chicago, Illinois and it has been wildly successful! The studio offers a variety of dance and has been said to be "The #1 Dance studio in Illinois!" Kookie is also the owner of her newest store: "The Kookie Kollection" which is a hub of "All Things Kookie". The site offers: twerk gear, fun gifts, and the amazing " Sugar Kookie Shaper" waist trainer! So, now that you're here, scroll and enjoy the offerings to EVOLVE YOU in your Bedroom, Booty, & Business! Book business services on Www.Kookiedaniels.com